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Our vision for Pydar

Pydar will pioneer new ways of living, learning, working and playing; putting the community back into the heart of Truro and creating a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable urban neighbourhood. It will champion the very best of Cornwall; from cutting-edge digital technology and high-growth, high-value businesses, through to individuals proudly continuing traditional skills and industries.

It will be home to exciting, diverse and multi-generational housing and a new innovative learning and living environment to help grow both a vibrant local community and Cornwall’s wider economy. It will embrace the riverside and offer a range of engaging leisure, hospitality and cultural facilities and events. With a focus on providing low energy and low cost buildings, sustainable transport and increased biodiversity, Pydar will be adaptable, resilient and fit for future living. 

By becoming a go-to destination for all who love Cornwall and seek to explore central Truro, the buzz of Pydar will help shape a strong future for ‘Truro 2030 / Thriving River City. Pydar is a place where the future will become the present and where ideas, innovation and imagination will come to life.

The redevelopment of Pydar is for everyone – one and all.

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