Pydar Dispatch, December issue

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17 August, 2021

The Pydar proposal is the first development in Cornwall to be recognised by this prestigious award for excellence in sustainability and high-quality green infrastructure. Building with Nature, an organisation dedicated to supporting sustainability in place-making, noted that the Pydar scheme presents an, “innovative and committed approach to multifunctional green infrastructure at the street scale, as well as sustainable drainage, to truly ensure this site will remain resilient to the impacts of climate change, including flooding.”

The scheme will contribute to the Council’s aims to be net carbon-neutral by 2030 by delivering 60 per cent of its power needs through renewable sources of energy. A reduction in car parking will be offset by supporting new modes of sustainable transport, such as cycling, as well as electric vehicle charging and car club spaces throughout the development. 

Pydar will create new walking and cycling paths and open up access to the River Allen, which will encourage active and healthy lifestyles, as well as ensuring people and wildlife can benefit from movement through the site and out into the wider landscape. 

The Award body also noted, “the efforts made by the design team to retain as many of the existing green infrastructure features as possible, to optimise the site’s potential to add positively to the nature recovery network, creating links through the site, and out to green infrastructure assets in close proximity, including Victoria Park and the River Allen.”

Cornwall Council, Treveth Development LLP, PRP Architects, and Inner Circle Consulting are proud that the Pydar proposals have been recognised by the Building With Nature Design Award and look forward to sharing the sustainability and green benefits of this project with the public during our consultation days, running from 31 August to 5 September. The Pydar scheme is currently in the planning system with a decision due in mid-September this year.

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